Rockabilly Road Trip: Jackson

We raced outta Nashville toward Jackson Tennessee to get to the Rockabilly Hall of Fame an hour before it closed. Rockabilly may not be my thing but meeting Henry Harrison was one of the trip highlights. What a charmer! He grew up in Johnny Cash’s neighborhood in Arkansas then Elvis Presley’s neighborhood in Memphis. The stories and his continued fandom made me really happy.

We all loved Rusty’s TV & Movie Car Museum. I am clearly about to pee my pants here cuz I’m so psyched to see Brian’s Eclipse. Someone gimme a Corona!
Mum & Cliff walked right up and knocked on the door of Carl Perkins former house. No answer but I guess they’ve got a guitar-shaped pool? We stopped by the graves so they could pay respects before hitting the road again.

Oh! No photos but this is also the town with Casey Jones Village where we played the worst round of mini golf. Haha. The course was roughed up and filled with debris but I laugh-cried when Cliff stepped in some muck and said, “I’ve just got a wonky footfull!” Haha, wonky footfull!

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