Rockabilly Road Trip: Nashville

When Mum visited the states for the first time, she came with her rock-n-roll friends to see Nashville and Memphis. Over 20 years later, she made her second trip to the US to see Nashville and Memphis again. Hahaaa! Dean and I drove in with no concept of how big Nashville was or if there was anything beyond the Broadway bars (which are overwhelmingly sloshed with expensive drinks and cowboys covering Green Day)… but we saw lotsa cool stuff sticking to the touristy spots:
This public library is top-notch. A beautiful building and courtyard and sweet staff! I went back to Nashville with Lane and Erin a few months later and stopped in again. Love it!
Dogs of the Nashville Flea Market: Sweet Pea in the tub, Dolly the poofy pup, Madden by the clothing rack. Don’t ask me to remember your name but I will remember your dog’s.
In terms of deals, I’d say the prices are a little higher at Nashville’s Flea than, say, Chattanooga or Athens but the selection is incredible. There was a rainbow sea of Pyrex and Fire King dishes, plenty of boxes of 45s for Cliff to paw through, and I developed this fantasy of buying a ton of Pachinko machines to cover our hall walls at home… mmmm Pachinko.

The Ryman Auditorium!
Prince died the day we got to town and I thought it was incredibly sweet that this 90s country cover band played a cover of “Purple Rain.” Also, Tootsie’s orchid-purple walls are lovely.
Hatch Show Print

The mister and I chased down the last light of sunset on the way to Mas Tacos. It was worth it.

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