Rockabilly Road Trip: Chattanooga

Rolled over the state line into Chattanooga– where Dean and I had just been a few months earlier for our anniversary. Clearly, we can’t get enough. This time, we had a lotta fun shopping at East Town Antiques. It was the start of Cliff’s tireless quest for rock-n-roll 45s (he ended up with over 50). Other things:
The walls at Aretha Frankenstein’s! Trip secret: we didn’t eat at too many cool spots; almost every breakfast on this trip was Waffle House. Don’t ask me why but Mum and Cliff are Waffle House’s #1 fans.

Back to the Choo Choo!

Ping pong at Clyde’s aka Murder Ball if I’ve had a few drinks. I think this was also the point where we found out Mum and Cliff have actually partied to the point where they’ve drunk out of shoes. Haha, wut!

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