Life Lately

Life lately, speaking just of my own tiny sphere, has been very full but mostly with good things.
1. I’ve seen a lot of family including my mom who is back from India for a little bit
2. Agent Cooper had a urinary blockage and ended up essentially getting a sex change operation… which after all the vet visits, medicine, change of food and diet came to $4k. Daaaaamn.
3. Directly related: I started a second part-time job at a movie theater kitchen which was humbling at first but now great. My co-workers are so sweet and I really like rolling sushi??
4. I’ve developed puppy fever the way other women develop baby fever.
5. Mom, Dean and I went to my cousin’s wedding in North Carolina. Stopped into Asheville on the way there and back. Smiley face fields and alpaca!
6. We terror-hiked to a magical rainbow waterfall and have kinda been chickens about taking on another “challenging” hike since.
7. Carey and I started co-hosting a podcast about horror movies
8. I chopped off my hair and found a cool hair stylist. (Old photo, pre-cut below)
9. My Flagpole co-workers and I dressed up like Stranger Things characters for a one-night-only band, Stranger Danger. I was the carnivorous flower-faced demogorgon.
10. Erin and I tagged dumb shit by the train tracks
11. Kitten cuddles!
12. I lost at trivia but made a new friend.
13. Me ‘n’ Dean are about to visit Seattle for our friends’ wedding then we’re heading to Buffalo a few days later for a family wedding. Love is in the air, coast to coast.
14. My lady Kriss is getting married NEXT year and I’m a bridesmaid! So psyched.
15. Twin Peaks. OMG, Twin Peaks.
16. I turned 32 on March 20th. My favorite cake is the The Grit’s birthday cake. :)

Not good things but not exactly bad things:
1. My awesome friend had some major health scares recently. He’s in Seattle and it’s one of those things where no matter how much you try to stay in touch, you can never be quite as present and supportive as someone who is actually… present. I got a call from Gavin when things were looking really bad and have gotten somewhat positive updates from him and Kristy ever since. I think my friend is out of the woods… or at least out of the hospital. Can’t wait to see him this summer!
2. My ex-bestie asked to meet up awhile back. I believe he wanted to let me know he was doing much better mentally tho he no longer sees us being friends. I’m not ready to write details here but I’ve reached an ok level of acceptance with this. I had to get out there and rebuild my social life… it was hard but I did it and am doing pretty good too. I miss having him in my life but the most important thing is that he’s not as stressed and depressed… and he knows I’m still here if he does need my support.
3. A few years ago, my amazing former boss died from cancer. I didn’t visit him as much as others and when I finally went to see him, I had to rush out of there and cry because the physical toll his treatments and illness had taken were unbearably sad. I still think of myself as a cry-baby but honestly, the last time I cried about anything in real life was years ago at his memorial. ANYWAY. The past few months, I’ve had a recurring dream where I’m in my boss’s cinema basement watching cool, fucked-up movies, then I’ve woken up with puffy, cried-out eyes. I don’t wanna read too much into that but it’s been weirdly cathartic… just generally. Sometimes you just gotta cry I guess.

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