Arizona Road Trip Leftovers

Bits and bobs from our trip that didn’t quite “fit” anywhere else. 
Woohoo! It’s officially vacation time and we’re in the air!

Landing for our first desert sunset. In real life, the colors looked neon and electric.

We terror drove through the mountains in the darkneess. It was icy and, at one point, there was a boulder in the road. In the best circumstances, I’m a bad driver so I was driving white-knuckled about 20mph here. We arrived in Flagstaff super late and almost immediately crashed at our AirBnB.

It was a really cool AirBnB though! Decked out in ’60s/’70s decor and surrounded by snowy mountains. Sorry we only got to see it for a few minutes the next morning when we left early.

Loooong day of checking out Bedrock, walking the rim path of the Grand Canyon and swinging through Twin Arrows and Two Guns.

Another desert sunset. I couldn’t get enough!

Our cute AirBnB camper in Phoenix was in the back of an artist collective with studios, shops, a gallery, and a zine distro. Bonus tour guide: Abby the dog!

Nami was sooo delicious. I think this was a sort of vegetarian McGriddle but I really went nuts over their apple fritters. Yummmmm.

The trees in Phoenix bear some interesting fruit.

Met up with Ted and Susan at Ocotillo. I already posted about that but it was wonderful catching up with them. And this restaurant is lovely. The most beautiful salad I’ve ever eaten.

Dean: Another selfie? Me: Yep!

The Phoenix Art Museum has an incredible collection of contemporary art but our favorite, hands down, was Yayoi Kusama’s “You Who Are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies.” It was like stepping into a living fairy tale and we went through three times.

An abandoned high school designed to look like our solar system. A fitting sight to drive by before flying home. Arizona’s beautiful landscape– from Flagstaff’s mountains and forests, to the Canyon, to the desert and Phoenix, was very beautiful and alien to us.

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