Phoenicians and Athenians

Ted and I met as Seattlites working for Fantagraphics; we reunited as a Phoenician and an Athenian. I really miss hanging out with my old co-workers, especially the red house basement crew. Catching up with Ted and meeting Susan was the best! We loved hearing about their life out there. Here’s hoping me ‘n’ Dean can take a longer trip so we can go camping with them in the near-ish future!
Neat Nature facts learned from our Phoenician friends:
1. Scorpions glow under black light.
2. Roadrunners are real and they’re apparently viscious predators. Ted and Susan told us some birds come to his yard for the fruit; some birds come for the smaller birds!
3. Javelina roam the Phoenix area and root through trash like raccoons. You can smell them before seeing them.

When Dean and I first met (almost ten years ago now!), we talked about going to Australia and Japan and all over the globe. We’d still like to see those places but these days, we’re more into visiting friends and family. Our free time is limited and staying in touch feels more important. Luckily, the people we care about live in really cool areas! Visually, the southwest might be my favorite chunk of America. :)

One thought on “Phoenicians and Athenians

  1. Hi Steph! It was so much fun to see you and Dean. I also miss working with you. This week we’ve had javelina visitors on our cul de sac. Susan and I are exploring and scoping out various destinations for future camping trips.

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