TMI: Body Woes

For the past 10 months, my health has been kinda funny. Tick bites that have been openly weeping since last spring/summer, random hive breakouts, abnormal lady stuff, migraines, a small chunk of sunken skin… My regular BANP (Badass Nurse Practitioner) has been cool, as have the dermatologist, allergist, ER doc, and urgent care doc. Quite a few inconclusive tests, antibiotics, and steroids in there! There was a 10-day stretch over the summer where I blew up in hives forehead-to-toes and Dean said it looked like I’d swam through lasagna. He took me to the ER where I fainted after bullishly refusing an IV. Other than that, I’ve never really felt debilitated by any of this. Mostly, it’s just been a constant bummer. I’m sleeping more than I used to (which admittedly was zero sleep) and I feel like I’m falling behind in… everything.

I wanted to document this and I also wanted to give myself a pep talk. I hate sleeping but I’m still able-bodied; I have health insurance through mah man (pricey but worth it!); great healthcare providers; supportive friends; The World’s Greatest Husband. I’m thankful for all the unexpected support too: a gal I went to high school with messaged me on Facebook with information on charity assistance for hospital bills; my library lady gave me epi-pens when I couldn’t afford them. These kindnessess mean so much and I’m lucky to have a bunch of resources. And maybe my body needs the insane amount of rest?? Who knows. I’m eating healthier and taking on more fun, casual projects with friends. I’m reminding myself that most unpleasant things do not last. Last week, the BANP punched a tiny hole in my thigh, stitched it up and joked, “Maybe this’ll solve everything!” Hawhaw, I broke out in hives later that night but ya gotta stay hopeful! Also last week, a friend told me she’d endured five years of awful hives that inexplicably stopped one day. Crazy! Life is a gross mystery but considering all the serious shit other people deal with, I can totally persevere through this.

Dean and I are off on our desert road trip soon. We’re scaling our plans down a little (namely, less hiking) but this will still be amazing. Can’t wait to see my friend Ted for the first time in years and explore beautiful Arizona!