Inauguration Weekend

♥︎Resist: Thank you Desert Island, Françoise Mouly, the artists, and the cool people/places that distrubted this. Jessica was able to get a copy at Avid Bookshop before they were all snapped up and reading it brightened a bleak day. Mooost of the comics are by women; all are choice.
♥︎Athens Day of Resistance: Good vibes, great signs, spirits lifted!
♥︎The Buddy System vs They Live: Proceeds benefited the Magnolia Fund for local abortion access. Heck yes!
♥︎The Women’s Marches have been the largest demonstration in US history and I believe there’ll be a lot of follow-through. Even introvert weirdos like myself can call/write senators.

Before moving to Georgia, I didn’t have a single conservative friend. Now I have a few– and they’re great people– but it’s a painful and confusing thing to disagree with someone so deeply. Just a few years ago, I was voting for Kshama Sawant in a city that recycled food scraps and went all out for Pride; now it’s like, damn– most of this country is wack. Haha! Living in the south makes me appreciate the support and compassion in this town all the more. I love you, Athens!

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