Hello Brooklyn 2.0

No matter what changes it undergoes, I will always think New York is the greatest city in the world. I’m too soft to live there (raised Upstate, an entirely different beast from the Boroughs) but I have eternal affection and respect for it. More than anything, a lot of my friends from college live there. January last year, I flew up for the first time in eight years. I’ve known most of these faces for well over a decade!ny01

ny02Kristine and I were randomly selected roommates our freshman year at Stony Brook. What luck! We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve done deeply stupid things together. She serenaded me in the practice rooms with Chopin and took me home for holidays: Filipino Easter and karaoke. She and Travis picked me up at LaGuardia and we had the best time in pretty Port Washington. Marvellous Marvin’s dazzling jazz, dinner at Organica (too delicious to be that healthy), board games, caramel coffee, and all the craft beer. Kriss and Travis are engaged now and I can’t wait for their wedding next year!

ny03Off to Jowy’s in Bushwick! He’s had the same great apartment since I’d last visited. The look may have changed but his building used to be a three-tiered layer cake of different graffiti styles. The roof is perfect. As long as I’ve known him, he’s had a knack for spotting unique details. His Subculture zines are fantastic. We walked through Bed-Stuy, looking at all the beautiful old buildings then hit Milk Bar where the crack pie was so rich, we couldn’t finish our shared slice. Onto Fool’s Gold and Desert Island where we met up with Rusty, Alex, and Juliet.ny04

ny05Union peeps! I think this was taken right after lunch at Jimmy’s Diner and right before a beautiful sunset. Juliet, one of the coolest women alive. And I will never get rid of Facebook as long as Rusty is on there. His posts make me laugh-cry. Alex moved to Pittsburgh shortly after this; Dean and I plan to visit!


ny10Bree and Joe got to Jowy’s around this time and we all headed out to Roberta’s for pizza. Dan met up with us while we waited in a very long line. Ended up having a pizza picnic. Joe is one of a band of great friends who road tripped me from New York to Seattle for my job interview at Fantagraphics (I didn’t drive then). I always thought his generous nature was a good mix with all the metal music. Dan is one of the reasons I wanted to join The Press (his face was a cover advertisement for Beerfest) but I didn’t talk to him much until maybe my junior year when he moved to Japan. Incidentally, it was over there that he met one of my future close friends, Nate. Small, awesome world!

ny07Desert Island deer!

ny08Met David and Jeremy at Spectacle Theatre (an absolute gem of a cinema that I would be going to every week if I could!). We watched Ferat Vampire, a Czech movie about a race car that feeds on the blood of its drivers. David is the brother I always wanted. I spent holidays with his family and we’ve had intense arguments about pop culture. He’s broken through a dead bolt with a plastic dildo wrapper and created Secret Cinema at Stony Brook. Jeremy’s actually not connected to Stony Brook; I met him in Seattle. What’s crazy about him is his extreme focus and ability to follow-through on all his pursuits. He said he was going to Ghana and there he was. He said he was moving to New York and he did it. Conquered grad school. Zero anxiety. Anyway, wild to see both of these cool dudes at the same time.


ny11It’s always worth looking down. Wish I’d seen the “Protect Yo Heart” where someone crossed it out and wrote “Neck.” New York! The splatter face man is my favorite. I’d love to see more of that guy’s work.


ny13Brunch with the last bunch at Cafe Colette. We were seated in a beautiful sun room in the back. Emma changed my life by telling me how to poach fruit and I am obvs envious that she’s met my favorite celebrity chef David Chang. Mitch who I’ve also known since freshman year and his stunning girlfriend Melissa. Sam, my favorite journalist to hug. The only sliver of Manhattan I saw this trip was walking from Jowy’s job to Penn Station with Sam. Selfie take 1, take 2!

ny14That skyline at sunset! A million clouds couldn’t detract. 

2 thoughts on “Hello Brooklyn 2.0

  1. Beards for everyone!

    Your male friends in the drawing are 10-for-10 in having beards. Or maybe 10-for-11 depending on the gender of the friend in the middle of the bottom row. Either way, that’s a lot of beards.

    • We’re in another golden age of beards! Tho… I unintentionally turned the scruff of a couple into full-on beards because I’m not great at digital coloring yet. :)

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