Winter on Black Rock Mountain

Last-LAST November, Dean and I took a day trip to Black Rock Mountain State Park for some jaw-drapping vistas of the Appalachian mountains. I’m sure this place is unreal during peak leaf season since it’s incredible even at the tail end of fall. The scenery was still dotted with color amidst the barren brown and we made it through our first “moderately” rated hike. Then we ended with mini golf. Nature and Not Nature at its finest!black rock mountain

black rock mountainThe markings of other lycanthrope hikers. There was also a “Your Mom” scrawling further down.

black rock mountain

black rock mountainStone steps taking us up to The Top of the World.

black rock mountain

black rock mountainWowwowwow.

black rock mountain

black rock mountainWinter waterfalls!

black rock mountainCute cows on our drive back.

black rock mountainAnd mini golf halfway home. Dean won as usual but, believe me, there’ll be a rematch. 

10 thoughts on “Winter on Black Rock Mountain

  1. Wow, spectacular scenery! (And nice photos of you and Dean as well!) I think I’ve driven by there (is it between in between Atlanta and Athens? about 15 years ago now) but only saw it from the car if it’s the place I’m remembering. Mini golf is an excellent conclusion to any outing!

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