2016 in a Nutshell

Scrolling through social media, there are posts about how 2016 is the worst year ever… then other posts about how you can’t “blame a year,” “there are worse years in history,” “worse days ahead,” etc. etc. I guess we all have to reflect and unpack in our own way. I DO think 2016 was a markedly painful year. It was grindingly sad– with violence, hatred, loss, unrest, and actual fires. On nearly every level, tragedy struck and there wasn’t adequate time to deal before tragedy struck again. Family/fiances/friends of friends died, my Aunt Julie died, Prince died.

Personally speaking, I’ve had a more even mix of highs and lows. My body started randomly blowing up in hives and I lost my longest, closest friendship. There’ve definitely been times where it’s been hard to push forward and not feel sorry for myself. BUT. I have a lot to be thankful for. Dean and I celebrated nine years together! I cuddled cats, went on road trips, rekindled a love of zines, laughed with old friends around the country, met new friends in town. I’m also thankful to live in Athens. From first sight, I knew it was special but after months of going out every night with Erin, the town unfolded to reveal a hidden layer of awesomeness. It’s been a transformative year for me. I’m lucky to know so many rich souls with enthusiasm, irreverent humor, and guts. People you can talk to comfortably about uncomfortable things and laugh until it hurts. The world may be garbage but it’s still inspiring and worthwhile too. ❤

Of course, I didn’t post much here. Too mired in self-pity the first half of the year and too busy the second half. My usual lazy mish-mash of photos:
2016 snapshots

4 thoughts on “2016 in a Nutshell

  1. Twenty-sixteen has been a year of loss for so many folks. My twenty-fifteen was my worst year ever; I don’t know that it will retain the title, but it would be hard to surpass it in sheer badness and sadness.

    Friends, family and critters make the bad times better. They make it possible to think that a brighter tomorrow could really happen.

    I hope that 365 days from now, we’re looking back and commenting on what a great year twenty-seventeen was. And even if we aren’t, I know we’ll still cherish the friends and family and critters.

    • That’s a great way to put it. I have the same hope… but if that doesn’t pan out, I also have the same consolation. Happy New Year, Eddie! You’re a great friend. :)

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