Foster Kitties!

One good thing this year was ALL THE CATS. We had our resident cool cats, Matilda Cackle and Agent Cooper, then we had guest kittens via the Athens Humane Society! Taking home these fluffy balls of cuteness with official instructions to “love them and fatten them up,” was a dream (granted, one that involved a lot of poop scoopin’ but a dream nonetheless!).

The Slate Grey Gang: grey foster kittens grey foster kittens grey foster kittensTwo shy girls, inseparable and near-impossible to tell apart, then their one wild brother. So sweet with fat, kitten tummies! The little brother was constantly waging guerrilla warfare on his sisters. One day, the girls ganged up on him and kicked his butt- hawhaw! Claude, the boy, was already adopted before he’d left our house and I believe the two sisters were adopted within the week they went back to the shelter.

The Tabby Trio: tabby kittentabby kitten brotherstabby kitten brothersI’m no expert on kitten ages but if the grey gang were roly-poly toddlers, these guys were like hyper kindergartners. They were sick and cuddly the first week we had them then BAM! Zooming around like crack cats, literally running up the walls then sliding their claws all the way down again. Georgia’s the smallest and shyest with an orange dot on his head; Oklahoma is the the most curious and playful; Vermont (aka Vermonster) is the chubbiest and laziest. By chance, they were all adopted together by my urgent care doctor and his partner! A stroke of serendipity if ever there was one!! We just cat-sat these three so I’ll have to post an update soon.

Kelly’s Kitten Haus: kitten houseIggy Pop kitten
Last, my ultimate co-worker (and one of my favorite Athens ladies) fostered two litters of FIVE and SIX, then she adopted one of the kittens and named him Iggy Pop. Paw Power. She is the cat lady I aspire to be. <3

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