Halloween: A Jumbled Recap

To borrow the words of my co-worker, Halloween is essentially a month-long holiday in Athens. It’s one of the many things that makes this town so special. (I started this post right after Halloween but here I am at the airport, rushing to finish before my flight. I’ll fix any glaring typos or misses at home.)
The Wild Rumpus Parade: Erin, me ‘n’ Dean flailing through life in our DIY wacky waving inflatable tube men costumes. Wacky wavers are a borderline obsession of mine. I talk about them regularly, randomly bust out arm moves, and may or may not be writing a rap song about them. Other parade revelers (happy to say mooostly friends of ours):hw02

Little King’s: My husband does NOT dance so we dropped him back home, changed, and went BACK downtown to sweat on the patio dance floor at Little Kings Shuffle Club. It’s the first time I’ve gotten to see Robert outside of our work places. I forgot to snap a picture of the horror movie crew so I’m glad I snapped some of Alex P. and Dave C. at Little Kings. (We recently watched Evil Dead Trap at Carey’s. Highly recommended to fans of bizarre, brutal, and mordantly funny low budgets)

Evan and Neil’s Halloween Housewarming: My ‘berry coworkers are wonderful people and those dapper skeletons know how to throw a party. Eddie as proctologist Dr. Ben Dover and Josh as a Basic Witch made me laugh. We also learned our wacky waver costumes are not indoor friendly. We brought the clumsy, that’s for sure.

Flicker Bar’s “I Want Your Skull” Art Show: Cocktails, spooky art, and Bucky the handsome spaniel. Couldn’t have asked for a better date night.

Joker Joker Gallery: The house venue collects supplies for travelling artists and homeless residents so Dean and I saw LYR and Harlot Party for a donation of new socks. (We’re really sad to have missed the other bands that night.) The house was used for a horror movie which is why the ceiling is splattered in fake blood. Eternal Halloween decor. This was also the only night of the year I was around a bonfire. So cozy, so gooood.

Cat Day at the library: The annual dress-up day! Cat Library Ladies for life.

Halloween Night on Boulevard: This has to be the ultimate neighborhood for trick-or-treating. It looks like my childhood fantasy of Halloween. So happy Alicia and Matt graciously let us crash and snack at their beautiful home. Other highlights: The Ghosties porch show (performing ghosts with a dancing ghost puppet) and The Haunted Shed (a porch transformed into an animatronic spooky story diorama. We loved seeing behind-the-scenes afterwards too).

Preserve’s Halloween Hop: Outersea, Island of Misfit Toys, Dead Bars, Vacation, Cancers, Floor. So… the last show I went to in Seattle was Cancers and Iron Chic at The Black Lodge. I was supposed to go with Dean but he got sick. I went solo, sad and uncomfortable, until this cool punk rock dog came up and kept me company. I ended up having a great time. I was psyched for the chance to see Cancers and Iron Chic again- on the other side of the country- with Dean- but life is funny and poor Dean got sick again. Me n Erin ended up in Boulevard during what I think was the Iron Chic set. Apparently, it wasn’t meant to be but I ended up having a great time again. (Eep! The tiniest, cutest Harley Quinn!)

Flagpole: I’m lucky to work in the perfect possibly-haunted office. It’s a former funeral parlor and populated with creepy mannequins year round. This year Larry (he’s the non-mannequin) set up a murder clown in the upstairs window. 😂

Phew, it was a full holiday. Last of the photo dump, our little witch and warlock:

6 thoughts on “Halloween: A Jumbled Recap

  1. I feel like quite the curmudgeon for having missed all the Halloween fun AGAIN. I’m so glad y’all were celebrating! And those costumes = on point. :)

    • Thanks so much! Halloween’s kind of an equal opportunity holiday where you have lots of good stay-in options too. You’re always welcome to each horror movies off-season with me. :)

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