All Damn Day in Atlanta

The past week was awful– nationally heartbreaking and personally disgusting (TMI another time)– but Saturday was a nice break in the clouds. Erin drove us into Atlanta to hang out with our third AZN Girl Gang member, Bo. Without a doubt, it’s the longest chunk of time I’ve spent with a group of “girlfriends” since I was a teenager!

9 a.m. Dancing Queens at Dr. Dax’s Disco Kroger mural. This might be my favorite mural ever. Giant Dazzler!

9:30 a.m. Feeling blue while waiting for Bo then perking up with iced coffee at Octane

10:30 a.m. Breakfast and banana suits at Stone Soup Kitchen

11:30 a.m. Jerkface Kermit/TMNT mashup mural in the Old 4th Ward. Also picked up a couple paperbacks at A Cappella Books which I highly recommend to all bookworms 08azngg

12 p.m. Ponce City Market, the most stylishly designed and curated shopping mall ever??
1 p.m. Vintage and art vendors at Paris on Ponce and its killer backroom, Le Maison Rouge.

3 p.m. Ladybird is a super cute camp-themed bar/restaurant. I felt like we’d jumped into a scene from Moonrise Kingdom

4 p.m. We went back to Bo’s and I melted into her sofa while watching a show about plastic surgery. #Hotlanta is no joke. The heat wiped me the heck out!

5 p.m. Finally got to check out Junkman’s Daughter. It’s fun but it made me miss Archie McPhee.

6:30 p.m. Buford Hwy: Dinner at So Kong Dong Tofu House. I love that the soup comes out boiling and everything else comes out STEAMY. There we are getting steamed by our super hot food! Boba next door, bakery across the street! 19azngg

8 p.m. Half Dead at Bo’s. I was stupid full of food.

9 p.m. Goodbye, Bo! Erin drove me and Mickey the cat back in the rain.

10 thoughts on “All Damn Day in Atlanta

  1. First off, I don’t remember Georgia looking even half this cool back when I spent time there.

    Secondly, I really need one of those pink Eiffel Tower lights. Damn.

    • Cool! Your blog led me to lots of great things. If you do eat out on Buford Hwy, I was impressed that the places we went were able to sub water broths for my dinner and nix the milk mix for my boba!

  2. What a fun-looking day! Oh my gosh that tiny little red door… love it!

    Let me know if you ever need anything from Archie McPhee. I haven’t had an excuse to go in a long time (not that one really needs an excuse…).

    • Thanks! That’s such a sweet offer. I never wanna push it but if you n M ever wanna meet irl, I’ll be in Seattle for Short Run this Nov. Hope to swing by Archie McPhee then. :)

      • It took me three minutes to figure out who “irl” was.

        Also, I didn’t notice the feet over the tiny door and thought it was just a cute normal-sized door.

        (This comment makes me sound dumber than I like to think I am.)

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