Rockabilly Road Trip with Mum & Cliff

This is the longest road trip and longest vacation Dean and I have taken together and we’ll never forget it. I still have 1000s of photos to sift through but here’s our vacation video. Rockabilly Road Trip 2016! Helen → Chattanooga → Nashville → Franklin → Jackson → Memphis → Oxford → Birmingham → Kennesaw […]

All Damn Day in Atlanta

The past week was awful– nationally heartbreaking and personally disgusting (TMI another time)– but Saturday was a nice break in the clouds. Erin drove us into Atlanta to hang out with our third AZN Girl Gang member, Bo. Without a doubt, it’s the longest chunk of time I’ve spent with a group of “girlfriends” since […]

Movie Diary: March & April

Brooklyn: I’ve been a loyal Nick Hornby fan since middle school, reading all his books and now watching all the movies he writes. This is almost definitely his best movie writing. Saoirse Ronan is extraordinary as Eilis–vulnerable but no fool– and I felt for her as she plumbed the depths of homesickness. And ya know […]