Save the Drama for Yo Mama

James and I are on a friend break… with no foreseeable end. I hesitated documenting anything here but it’s too painful and major to totally gloss over. Our friendship has been limited for some time; now we’ll have zero contact. We’ve been best friends our entire adult lives and it’s frankly crushing that he accepted his lady’s un-called for ultimatum. Dean predicted she would pull this months ago and I’m sorry he was right.

The silver lining is I’ve got Dean, awesome friends, and my mom to lean on. Their support has kept me present, focused, and somewhat positive. At the end of last year, I started writing a book about the importance of close friends and maintaining them with age and distance. I made it my #1 goal to make time and *really* catch up with people. To take the words of one great pal, I wanted to “light a fire back under the butts of these friendships.” So far, it’s been enormously rewarding. Looking back on the good times of your youth and sharing highlights via texts and Facebook is cool but I also wanna know what’s up beyond that. Sometimes, it’s nice to hear about the quotidian and offer support for current dreams/set-backs/whatever. So, life kinda sucks right now but I’m trying to count my blessings and push forward.