Tanglewood Farms

November 2014: Dean was working a long Black Friday weekend in Lithonia and I tagged along for my own vacation of  hotel swimming and cable TV (Lifetime Christmas movies, my greatest vice!). On the way home, we stopped at Tanglewood Farms, a petting zoo of miniature animals. Like many who love animals, I’m conflicted about supporting zoos… but what can I say. My heart just melted around these miniature sweethearts.

A mini jersey cow with the biggest, prettiest eyes.

Eeep- the alpaca trio!

The farm is themed like a movie western. Tiny goats in the jail yard!

The miniature goats were among our favorites. They were so sweet.

Both the babydoll sheep and the manx cat are miniatures. I can’t remember this cat’s name but they were all named after country singers like Loretta Lynn, Shania Twain.

The pigs were our other favorites. Sooo affectionate. We would love to keep pigs… one day.

We were instructed to call the buffalo over in a high, feminine voice which is something I tasked Dean with. Haha. This is how you know you’ve got a ride-or-die man. Sure enough, the li’l buffalo popped around to check us out but he or she didn’t come any closer. Beautiful.

Last but not least, we were greeted by the only big guy on site, Sheriff Ripper. The law is lax in Tanglewood.

10 thoughts on “Tanglewood Farms

  1. I really can’t stand zoos, they’re SO depressing, but this seems more like a farm park or animal sanctuary, which looks a lot more of a natural environment, so I’m guessing the animals were happy and comfortable, which is cool.

  2. oh gosh they are all so cute! we made the decision to stop supporting zoos and such, but i can’t say i wouldn’t love to pet all those mini cute animals.

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