Wu-Tang Trains Comin’ Atcha

How do you celebrate your wedding anniversary? If you’re me ‘n’ Dean, you co-celebrate alongside the 10 year anniversary tour of Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. We saw Rae and Ghost back in August, at Chattanooga’s Track 29. Seeing these legends perform behind a historic train station was straight-up surreal.
Wu-Tang (and our marriage) is here forever!

wu02This was a perfect, two-day trip. We went out for a late screening of Escape From New York with James and his girl then hit a wonderfully empty road after midnight. We stopped outside of Summerville and visited Paradise Garden first thing in the morning. By lunch time, we’d checked into the charming Chattanooga Choo Choo.



wu05If you’re already going to see two of your favorite rappers amidst 19th century trains, you might as well keep mixing it up with drinks at a German gastropub and vegetarian club sandwiches at Sluggo’s. Cheers!

wu06There were a ton of apple farms on the drive home. We stopped at one for peach cider and apple donuts. Yum!

wu07Lounging Pink Panther (Lady Pink not pictured) in Cumming, Georgia. These sculptures were our last stop on the way home.

5 thoughts on “Wu-Tang Trains Comin’ Atcha

  1. did you stay in one of the train cars? we did that four our first wedding anniversary and i loved it! Also, now I am craving a sluggo’s club. Ugh, that is my favorite sandwich of all time!
    Happy Anniversary!

    • Aw, that’s awesome. I cashed in some credit card points to book a room, not realizing you could actually sleep in a train car! Next time… And yes! I dream of that sandwich!

    • We didn’t get to ride a train (we live in GA now so it also wasn’t cross country) but I’d also love to take more train rides. That’s easily on my bucket list too. :)

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