#intheATH: Mr. and Mrs. Goose

In May, a pair of geese decided to make their home on one of Target’s parking lot islands. They were there for over a month and it such an odd thing to drive by. In defense of humans, I think we all kept a respectful distance, but there’s no denying these love birds got a rough real estate deal. I snapped a few photos on my zoom lens but I could tell Mr. Goose still wanted to peck my eyes out. Poor guy.

One day in June, we noticed the nest had been abandoned. It was one of those dark, foreboding summer evenings where you could tell the sky was about to open up with one of those God’s-wrath thunderstorms. I like to pretend Mr. and Mrs. Goose were just running a quick errand for tiny ponchos but it was really fucking sad to see their eggs deserted. I don’t know if the constant cars or the imminent storm drove them away but, ach. :(

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