Endless Summer

Sometimes it feels like we left Seattle a few weeks ago, a few months ago tops. Other times, it feels like we’ve been in Athens for ages with the days just dribbling away. I was in this same limbo-funk when I first moved from New York to Seattle- and before that, when I moved from Upstate New York to Wrong Island. Moving is tough and I think it’s extra tough to leave the towns you spent your teens and 20s in. You know… they have an extra special chunk of your memory. Dean and I have been in Athens for a little over a year now. It’s been challenging but it’s also been great. A few rambling highlights:

Last month, Dean and I bought our first house! I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t the #1 reason we decided to move out here. This is something we couldn’t have done in Seattle despite having rad, full-time jobs and saving every scrap. The rush of joy we felt at closing is beyond words. A million kisses and high-fives as our suburban dreams become reality! Flamingo Ranch is currently under construction but we’ve got some pretty fabulous plans. I’m so lucky to have a husband with similar tastes in eye-bleeding colors and kitsch.

Something that soothed the homesickness this year was the stream of Seattle visitors. Dave came out for Fluke, Steph O. stopped by on her solo southern road trip, Josh S. drove through on his book tour. It also helps that my best friend James moved to Athens in January. Some people think it’s weird that we’re best friends who’ve lived together in multiple states but I don’t know of many best friends that stay this tight long distance. What can I say? We’re destined to be Golden Girls. James’s lady Nancy is moving to town soon and I’m already thinking about how fun it’ll be to go on best friend double dates!

Finally, I turned 30 this past spring and I’m pretty sure my 30s are going to rule. Women in Athens like to say they’re “old” when they mean they’re 25-45. I’m assuming this is part of the college town mentality cuz, yikes! That is not old. My birthday is March 20 and it was a Freaky Friday this year: total solar eclipse and super moon. I didn’t get to witness the cosmic awesomeness but it seemed like a good omen for the decade ahead. :) I guess that’s it for the rambling. I hope to document more of the good stuff later.

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