Christmas in Savannah

My mom drove down mid-December to spend the holidays with us which was extra special since we hadn’t been able to celebrate Christmas together in a decade (nuts!). We went on a mother-daughter road trip to Savannah which was even lovelier than when I’d first visited in February since it was all decked out with lights and ribbons. In spite of of the rain, we had an awesome weekend!

Yet again, my notes aren’t super clear on which historic square is which but the one on the left is probably Monterey Square and the one on the right is definitely Lafayette Square.

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist- a place I had zero interest in seeing but I’m glad my mom wanted to go ‘cos it’s a beautiful space, inside and out. When we visited, a crew was setting up a poinsettia tree and nativity scene.

Again, not sure where we saw this wreath and gorgeous gate but on the left is the Andrew Lowe house.

The classic prettiness of Savannah’s historic district is kind of unreal to me. Even the cabbages (cabbages?) look elegant.

My gift to my mom was afternoon tea at the Gryphon Tea Room. She and my grandma took me to fancy tea once as a child- it’s one of my favorite early memories. We got one pot of vanilla tea and one pot of Earl Grey.

Last, I snapped a bunch of photos around The Paris Market ‘cos I’m totally ripping off their decoration ideas next year. Book cottage winter wonderland!

6 thoughts on “Christmas in Savannah

  1. My family used to go up to Savannah back when we lived in Florida in the 80s. I remember there was a commercial strip on the water that featured a popcorn shop with dozens of flavors. It was the first time I’d seen anything other than “butter”. I was impressed.

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