2014 in Review: The South

We spent the second half of the year settling into our new town, getting new jobs, watching the seasons change for the first time in a long time, and exploring the southeast. Oh! We adopted a cat. This is Matilda Cackle. She likes chasing laser pointers, making biscuits, and cuddling but she fucking HATES the ball-on-the-track toy. We love her!

Snapshots from our ‘should we move?’ road trip back in February. James, Dean and I flew out went right after the east coast had been clobbered with a big snow storm. Our flights were cancelled a couple times- once in mid-air!- and the roads were kinda scary to drive but we had the time of our lives. The three of us started in Asheville. Then James split to visit family in North Carolina while Dean and I continued down to Athens and finally Savannah.

Sarah and I have been friends since the sixth grade. Here we are, back in Upstate New York with our good pal Oprah. Haha. Meeting up with Sarah was wonderful. We’re glad we caught each other right before trading coasts too! Dean and I started driving down to Georgia while she and her wife started their move out to Bellingham, Washington.

So, we had a gorgeous road trip down to Athens and signed a lease for the first apartment we could find. Six months later, we don’t have a table and are still having waffle picnics on the living room floor.

I’ll probably feel homesick for a long time but Athens has treated us well. We eat like kings, see cool stuff, and my jobs are great. James is moving in with us TODAY (!!!). It’s also just a beautiful part of the country. This is my favorite patch at the State Botanical Garden- the bog, with its carnivorous plants.

Our first little trip was to Atlanta to see Damon Albarn and the Heavy Seas at the Fox Theatre. It was a perfect show and I was surprised by how rad Atlanta is. Afterwards we had a late and lovely dinner at R. Thomas Deluxe Grill- delicious food and old parrots snoozing on the patio.

James came down to visit a few times and we went to visit him in North Carolina where he was taking care of his mom and her dog, Nuggs. I’d caught road trip fever by this point. Ever since, I’ve been scheming up future adventures.

In October, we flew back to Seattle for Gavin and Rachel’s wedding. Crashed at Kristy’s and saw almost every one! Omigod, we miss our friends there so much!! I’ll go through my Seattle photos soon. Here are me ‘n’ Dean on the last day of the trip getting Mighty O Donuts with the core crew.

Dean and I got a Saturday off together in November and decided to check out Chattanooga. I had so much fun digging for dishes at Deck’s I didn’t realize I’d lost feeling in my fingers until Dean forced me to take a break. Dear Anyone Who Needs Dishes- shop here! We loved what we saw of Chattanooga but didn’t have time to see much. Can’t wait to go back!

We spent Black Friday weekend at a hotel in Lithonia. Dean worked so hard I barely saw him conscious but I luxuriated in the saltwater pool and watched a sickening amount of Lifetime Christmas movies. Haha, it was a vacation for one of us! On the drive home, we made a detour to Tanglewood Farms and hung out with these miniature goats. I totally get why many are not fans of zoos and petting zoos but I can’t resist them. I wanted to pet the mini pigs and mini cats all day.

Generally, I’m not one for Christmas but this was a good’un. We caught the Parade of Lights with Jen and Jeffrey. We sent out cards (errr, most of them) in a timely fashion. Then my mom drove down to spend the holidays with us! We drove to Savannah while Dean worked and ate our weight in baked goods. I hadn’t celebrated Christmas with my mom in years.

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