Life Lately

This past Monday was so freakishly warm and lovely, I almost forgot it was November. The east coast has wilder weather swings than the west- that’s for sure- but we’re loving the extra sunshine. Dean snapped this photo on our walk around the University of Georgia campus.

My October reads (still reading The Bone Clocks)|Lunch date with Dean at Viva Argentine|Lynette “Library Cart” Fromme

Free peppers from my co-worker’s garden, soups and chili all winter!|Fall foliage|November reads (recently borrowed the second volume of Snowpiercer and bought the most recent issue of The Humans)

Homemade borscht as soon as the temperature took a dip|saw Birdman on a double date at Ciné|Fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate almond cookies from Athens’ sweetest baker.

We haven’t been to many shows but the ones we’ve made it out to have been fantastic. First, we saw Shabazz Palaces at the Georgia Theatre awhile ago. They’re one of our favorite Seattle groups with a sound like nothing else out there. Most recently we saw The Glands and Big Star Third (pictured above). Very, very cool.

Dean has a temporary promotion and will be working at a mall out in Lithonia for the next few weeks, starting Thanksgiving night. It’s a long commute but he’s being put up at a hotel for the next few days. It’s a shame that Dean will be working almost non-stop when I have a rare 4 days off but he’s a strange one who thrives in the madness of retail. There could certainly be worse things than tagging along for my own Hotel Holiday retreat.

Other good things: Dean got his driver’s license- woo! I’ve finished half a dozen more pet portraits (all such adorable subjects) and have a small illustration up in an art show with my co-workers. My mom’s visiting us for Christmas. James is moving down to Athens in the new year. Dean and I are thinking about adopting a cat… or at least fostering again. And we’re going to start looking at houses. Lots to be thankful for. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Turkey/Tofurkey Day!!

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