Chattanooga Charm

We came for the dishes, but stayed for the food (Sluggo’s!) and beautiful fall scenery.

Walnut Street Bridge for the views and the dogs:

Checkin’ out a cute boy at the park:

Wild walls:

“Come. It is time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man…”

We spent a good chunk of time window shopping at Knitting Mill Antiques. I’m still pining after these spice shakers- they’re like tiny, baby powder bottles. Haha. And that ‘See Rock City’ barn has me scheming how cool it’d be to have a bunch of roadside attraction birdhouses. Adorable!

It’s too bad we only had about 8 conscious hours to see this place. We’d love to go back for a couple days next time. Until then, Tennessee!

3 thoughts on “Chattanooga Charm

    • Yes! It WAS the best! We could only spring for a small birthday gift and some old cards at the Knitting Mill but we’ll definitely come with a larger budget when we get to visit Chattanooga again!

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