Carlton Daytrippers

A little bit ago at work, I’d spotted an ad for ‘Neat Pieces’ in Carlton, Georgia and kept it in mind when we visited Watson Mill Bridge Park since Carlton is so close. It is definitely worth the trip! Jimmy, the owner, has amassed a staggering amount of old books (history, war propaganda, vintage picture books, cook books, Harlequin Romance, blaxpoitation paperbacks…); vintage clothing; records; furniture; kitchenware; younameit. We loooved sifting through all this cool stuff!

An English football jersey and a Seattle baseball pennant. What can I say? He looks good in blue.

The attack cat we were warned about. What a beauty!

Not pictured but we were delighted to play songs on the working jukebox in the back.

Jimmy gave us a mini tour of the building, explaining that it was once a bank and still has the original ceiling (photo on the right is the old safe entrance). He keeps an apartment in the back with a bed in the former safe. Ugh, too cool!

We will definitely be visiting again!

12 thoughts on “Carlton Daytrippers

    • Uh, I know. The prices are very reasonable; we simply didn’t bring cash. We had just enough to nab a bag of books and a few glasses. Next time, we’ll be prepared!

  1. My kind of place. I especially liked the “You Can’t Do Business With Hitler” book, cracked me up! And the doll heads were mildly creepy :)

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