Watson Mill Bridge State Park

Awhile back (while the trees were still green), James drove down to Georgia to hang out with us again. Every visit is a blast but this was our best one yet! We took a day trip to see the longest covered bridge in the state which spans 229 feet across the South Fork River.

I’m conflicted about the outdoors in that I love nature but then I’m a big wuss about all the bugs that are gonna get stuck in my hair or suck my blood. Not pictured: James walking in front of us to clear all the spiderwebs. James is no wuss and his face caught a buncha cobwebs. Haha. We must have been the first hikers to hit the trail that day.

But really, the lack of other hikers was fantastic. It felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.

Frilly fungus!

James gives this park his seal of approval.

9 thoughts on “Watson Mill Bridge State Park

  1. Those are some beautiful pictures! The house I grew up in had a huge yard, about 1 acre, the back yard was woods. Then my parents bought the house behind ours, more woods. My sister moved in there and when we went back and forth we would pick up a long stick and wave it ahead of us to get the cobwebs, so maybe you can try that next time and save James from getting stuck in the webs :)

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