Horror-ble People

This Halloween will be awesome but a little less awesome than usual since I’ll be celebrating so far from my Halloween soul mate, Kristy. We’ve decorated and dressed up together A LOT over the years. Here’s a li’l collection of almost all the costumes and seasonal geekery. (Still kicking myself for not getting a photo of our dead Suspiria ballerinas at the Goblin show. Dang it!)

Kristy’s Twin Peaks birthday brunch where we stayed up late transforming her living room into a Black Lodge of thrifted duvets, plastic tablecloths and duct tape.

The Cults and Killers party as Moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. Kristy came as Serial Mom Beverly Sutphin. (Haha, that’s a deeply distasteful poster of Jonestown in the background.)
Kristy’s Dynasty birthday, complete with a cat fight by the lily pond. Angela’s Birthday Bash, Monster Mash as the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Sugar Skull. Girls night out at a fancy horror movie exhibit where we drank the free EMP booze and screamed our heads off in the photobooth.

All painted up forDave’s Mad Men birthday.

Velma and sushi. Ozma and the matador.

ks0Nothing screams ‘lady date’ more than ‘Meet Lloyd Kaufman,’ right?

Lastly, I had Dean snap this on our recent trip to Seattle. It’s not Halloween-y — we’re dressed up for our friends’ wedding — but we are in the red hall of the downtown library which is the bloodiest looking space in town. Bwah. Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday, Kristy!

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