Summery Summary

Woah! Where did the time go? Every summer seems to fly by faster than the last and this was an especially eventful one for me ‘n’ Dean. It feels like we just left our little apartment in Seattle yesterday.

First, Dean and I hit our anniversary this past August! To celebrate seven years of happy coupledom, I commissioned Marc to draw an unflattering portrait of us. Haha, I love it so much! We went out for dinner at The Grit but we’re pretty boring so most of our date nights have been spent at home, watching movies and drinking new-to-us beers. It looks like we’ll be losing our parking spot whenever the UGA Bulldogs play a home game so we’ve planned some hideout dates at ‘Creepy IHOP’ on those nights. We’re following the Southeastern Conference ‘cos, ya know, we live here now, but I’ll always think the best thing about living amidst Dawg-mania is our cute, li’l neighbor. She is a blur of adorableness.

I lucked out with a job at the alt-weekly paper which has its offices in a beautiful former funeral parlor. There’s a squirrel head that looks in from the porch and my new co-worker lent me these sweet Sparkplug books (lookin’ forward to the next issue of Reich!). I’m still working at the library too which I continue to love. They made a typo on my name tag so I think of myself as a master Sheph on the weekends. Obvs, I’m way too shy for both of these rad jobs.

This past weekend, Dean and I checked out an incredible digger yard sale. Lately, I’ve been snapping up a lot of stuff with ‘pink think‘ ads. The Movieland magazines are particularly novel to me ‘cos they have a bunch of ads on weight gain for women (“If you want to be popular… you can’t afford to be SKINNY!” “Learn how to gain welcome weight and keep it!”). Also, watermelon and wildlife- two of my favorite things every summer.

Lastly, my best bud James has been down to visit us a couple times. He is the reigning king of subtly-goofy photo faces and we miss him all the time. He made me a giant pot of delicious curry-chili which I still have several servings of in the freezer. Man, we are over the moon excited about visiting him this weekend in North Carolina! James and I were planning to open Etsy shops but he decided not to do his. I’ve been drawing tiny pet portraits so I might still go ahead with mine. Here are some I made for Seattle pals: Jerry Snuggle Pants the hedgie, Harvey the ginger, Mannix and Quentin the black cat brothers, and Hugo the corgi.

So, it’s been an alright summer for us. Some difficult stuff has come up: James’s mom was hospitalized back in May so he moved in with family in North Carolina; Jan, Dean’s mum and my mum-in-law, was diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing treatment; and Dean’s job transfer fell through while we were in the process of moving (he took a huge demotion but we know that’s insignificant compared to sick family). Also, this summer has been marred with a hellish stream of terrible news so there’s definitely that. That stuff is sad and it’s weird to gauge personal happiness considering but we try to be optimistic. Dean and I have had a lot of bright spots over the past few months. We get to spend evenings and meals together, something we couldn’t do before, and living in Georgia is still a cool adventure to us. We can’t wait for fall. :)

6 thoughts on “Summery Summary

  1. Those pet portraits are great. I might commission you to do a portrait of Kylie Momo (my mom’s cat) if you get that Etsy up and running. It’s not too early to think about Christmas presents.

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