Life Lately

Summer has been treating us well. Lots of sunshine-y, bird-chirpy mornings, and the easy pace of a college town without students. Dean and I have been waiting until dusk to venture out when the Georgia heat is just right and you can see pops of fireflies. I’m working two jobs now, one at the public library which I love, and one as a typist which I only dislike ‘cos I’m lousy at it. Currently, we’re all about the World Cup, looking for secondhand furniture, and, ya know, enjoying all this time we get to spend together.

Early morning Wizzywig and tea while Dean sleeps in|Estate sale purchases- take a spin in our dentist assistant chair!|Breakfast on the floor before we got a table|Picked up some new titles at Bizarro-Wuxtry– all excellent

Snowpiercer at Ciné– the bonkers and marvelous action movie of my dreams!|Finished Donna Tartt’s The Little Friend– a beautiful, gloomy read for summer|Got a mint condition blue velvet sofa from Vic’s Vintage– before this, we sat on our sleeping bags|4th of July sparklers in the parking lot

AthFest! Elf Power covering ‘Needles in the Camel’s Eye’ and Kishi Bashi looping and layering. In between sets, we stopped into Mini Gallery where we met Missy Kulik and her partner (gah, realized too late I didn’t get his name). Missy and I have a couple of the same friends so that was pretty neat. We have to stop in and buy some zines from her soon. :)

And we went into Atlanta to see Damon Albarn and The Heavy Seas where I just about died of happiness. Friendly crowd, low-key set. Mostly new solo album songs, some Good, the Bad & The Queen, Gorillaz, and the Blur b-side ‘All Your Life’- all perfect. Afterwards, Dean and I went out for a very late dinner at R. Thomas Deluxe Grill. The food is delicious and I love that the owner takes care of geriatric parrots. They seemed content and well-cared for.

8 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. It looks like your life is just as colorful as it always was. I was wondering how you’d adjust to the Georgia summers after years in the PNW, but it seems like you’ve quickly uncovered one of the secrets…staying out of the dang sun. It seems like you two are settling in nicely.

    Raoul! I never have officially confirmed this, but I think he might be the same Raoul who was in the wonderful pop band, The Casino Ashtrays, a few years back.

    I’ve been meaning to see Snowpiercer, but I’m not sure if it’s hit my town yet. A lot of things–movies, touring bands, etc.–skip right by Cincinnati. I doubt you’ll have that problem in your new town.

    (Geez, I just noticed you have 1,440 followers! I had 38 the last time I looked.)

    • Thanks! I like hot weather but the degree of heat out here is no joke. Whenever I see people running in the middle of the day, I wonder what genetic mutation they have to avoid sweating to death.

      Oh, awesome! Thanks for filling in for my social ineptitude. That’s a great name and they seem like a cool couple. I’ll check out the Casino Ashtrays!

      Snowpiercer really deserves a wider release. Maybe it’ll hit the Crest in Seattle if it doesn’t hit Cincinnati first?

      (Pretty sure actual followers are way, way less but I’m not sure how to sort it out. I think lots are spam and another chunk is comics readers ‘cos a couple old posts were linked on comics sites.)

      • I checked and the movie is playing at my local artsy movie theater. I might hold off and see if it’s still playing in Seattle when I go out there in a couple weeks. Beth/Homebody wants to see a bunch of non-M—–l movies, so maybe I’ll see Snowpiercer while she’s watching one of those.

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