Custom Chucks: Birds and Dogs

Right before moving, I got to paint up some Converse hi-tops for the Fanta Kickstarter (man, some of the rewards for that are so good. Those badass t-shirts!). The last time I painted a pair of chucks was over two years ago and I had a lot of fun making these. Makes me wonder why I’m so lazy and don’t craft more often. :)

This pair was for a gal who requested her German shorthaired pointers leading armies of unicorns and dragons. I fell short of a full-on magical battle but Gustav and Grumbles (great names, right?) still get to leap into action. One has a unicorn on the inner side, the other has a dragon.

And this pair was for a gal who has barn swallow tattoos and wanted sneakers with that same, traditional style. I’m almost completely ignorant on tattoo symbolism but it’s something I’d like to look into one day- sailor tattoos especially.

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