Southern Living

Athens, Georgia has been our home for about two and a half weeks now. Little by little, we’re furnishing the apartment and I started a new job last week so things are goin’ well. Still, we’re homebodies and slow adapters. The most excitement we’ve seen so far is our ill-timed walk through a torrential thunder storm and watching the last two seasons of The Wire (why did we wait so long?!). Haha, we should really force ourselves to explore our new town soon.

Lazy, patio dinner at Big City Bread. Grilled cheese for Dean, hummus and roasted veggies for me.

Sidewalk Yoda

The bottle cap truck! Speaking of, Dean and I really like our local bottle shops. I’m trying to find a new amber ale to fill the Mac & Jack’s sized hole in my heart.

One of many beautiful plots at the Athens Botanical Gardens. Wow. This is one of the most impressive public spaces I’ve seen. Just down the road from us and well worth a suggested $2 donation.

Cute garden pal

6 thoughts on “Southern Living

  1. Is that a skink you got there? I used to live at the very tip top of Florida and we had little lizards called skinks running around all over the place. There were also tiny inch-long frogs that hung out on the garbage can. I don’t remember what we called them…probably just frogs.

  2. I have just done the moving house thing too, it’s a great adventure, even if it’s in the same town. A new phase of my life is beginning, fresh start, clean slate and all that.

    How did you resist The Wire for so long? Amazing series.

    • Best of luck on your move, Dale. No matter the distance, moving is a huge task. It does feel nice to have a fresh start in a new home, doesn’t it?

      We watched The first three seasons of The Wire awhile ago and I have no good reason why we stopped! Every episode was impressive but I think season 4 might be the best. Holy smokes.

    • Oh man! I’m a TV junkie but most of the things I watch are so heavily dramatized and snappy in pace that it took us halfway through season 1 to really get the tempo and large cast of characters on The Wire. That being said, it’s practically perfect- way more layered and entertaining than a television show should be. Hope you have time for it one day!

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