East Coast Road Trip

May has been an incredible month for us. Our last week in Seattle was good (thank you, wonderful friends!) but it was also hard for me to do anything but worry about the big trip. Damnit, I always waste so much time worrying. Our move could not have gone smoother. First, we flew to my mom’s in Upstate New York. She gave us her old car (so grateful for this huge gift!) and we had a few days to see some family and friends. Then we hit the road, taking I-79 down through Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The roads were practically empty and the scenery was sublime. It’s our second road trip together (both this year) and I can’t wait for the next one.
The Apple Farm in Victor, New York. Growing up, I loved picking apples here and getting cider and donuts afterwards.

The Lilac Festival in Rochester. We went with my mom, Aunt Kyle, and Uncle Bob. The flowers were lovely and seeing my mom and aunt sample all the wine was pretty great too.

I definitely want to go back and spend some more time in Pittsburgh one day. We hid out from some heavy rain (and eventually hail) at Burgatory. Their cashew lentil burger is magic and Dean says his shake was pretty awesome.

Phone snaps: black coffee and dry toast at Waffle House | vandalizing a scenic lookout | the Gaffney Peachoid!

We drove by hours of these green mountains in West Virginia- one of the prettiest parts of the country I’ve ever seen.

More of those magnificent mountains, even prettier veiled in morning fog.

And finally, we rolled into Georgia.

Counting New York, we hit seven states and managed to visit James who’s staying with family in Raleigh. The trip kinda felt like a really late honeymoon for me ‘n’ Dean- just the best.

13 thoughts on “East Coast Road Trip

  1. That sounds like a fantastic road trip! Pittsburgh is my hometown so if you ever plan to come back, I can give you tons of tips. For instance, I bet you would LOVE the Toonseum!

    • Seems like you’ve got a pretty rad hometown! We totally plan on visiting Pittsburgh for a longer stay (someday) and will hit you up for tips. Thanks! The Toonseum sounds great. :)

  2. Wonderful pictures! Love to see greenery taking over. How I would love to hit the open road myself. That would probably the only reason I would ever want to get a driver’s licence…

    • It’s one of the reasons I made a point to get my license! I’m still a terrible driver but one day I want to take a long drive down the west coast.

      • I remember my parents regaling with the story of how they spent one summer on the road leaving from Montreal, heading west, and taking the looong way back by going south to Mexico and returning by the East coast.

        That still sounds epic in my mind…

    • Thanks! Haha, the non-alcoholic, Halloween cider. But speaking of hard ciders, we just picked some up at our newly discovered bottle shop. Nice ‘n’ light for summer meals.

      • Cider is all I drink and I’m in the right part of the world too, Devon and Cornwall produce an awful lot of it.
        I love the way you call it “hard” over there, makes it sound really dangerous! Hahaha.

    • Thanks, Zoe! It’s a Lumix GF3, one of those micro four-thirds cameras. You can still change lenses and shoot RAW but it’s much tinier and cheaper (and accordingly less sophisticated) than a big DSLR. I usually stick with a pancake lens tho I’ve got a kinda fancy portrait lens too. I also made my own actions in Photoshop but mine are just mods of the ones from WishWishWish: http://wishwishwish.net/2011/07/wishwishwish-photoshop-actions/ Highly recommend! For my iPhone, I’ve been using the VSCO cam app.

      Phew! Hope that’s not too long and nerdy a reply!

      • Ah! I was going to get that one, but we went for the Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II in the end – It’s pretty good, but I guess I really should invest some time in editing. Lazy blogger! Must try harder ;)

        Thanks for the link x

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