Farewell, Fanta

I worked my last day at Fantagraphics last week… which still seems nuts. Fanta has been a big part of my life for the entirety of my 20s. They gave me a job (twice), introduced me to lifelong friends, and bulked up my comics collection. I feel very lucky to have worked for the greatest comic book publisher on earth. Below is the photo we submitted to We Are Comics and below that are some random photos of the office (plus a few from the store). Nothing particularly comicsy to share, just a bunch of sentimental 9-5 memories.

I just about had a heart attack the first time I saw the library. There are so many books now, the Fanta titles are shelved in a second library upstairs. Sam decorated these boxes, his Iron Man always makes me smile.

The clown wall Martin’s been curating. We got a kick out of presenting this freaky jack-in-the-box to guests/new employees. Nightmare Wall, I will miss you dearly.

Records Martin picked up at the GoodWill bins. He says the music is almost always terrible so he’s composing the songs that should be on there. Also, I love the old carpet wall.

Vispo noises, Steph O. beating me twice in eating contests, mutant carrots, fly racketing, that scary dummy, Larry, afternoon BBQs. Too many things to caption really:

Lastly, here’s a photo from 2007(?) that a Swedish journalist took. That’s Kim in the front with his loyal dachshund, Ludvig. Kim would bring Ludvig to work almost every day. Also worth noting- Mike B. (left) does not age. Forever Young!

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