Life Lately

This is the last good week to admire the cherry and plum blossoms around Seattle. Those pretty, pink trees are shedding all over the city and we’ve even had some sunshine amidst the rain. I love this time of year.

My birthday is the first day of spring and I turned 29 this year. Friends came over to watch Cool As Ice and play an Alfred Hitchcock board game I picked up at an estate sale (turns out it’s a convoluted version of Clue with racist illustrations). Dean discovered Feel Good’s macarons, Martin got me Mighty O donuts (dead Fred Phelps personally wished me happiness), THEN my co-workers got me a chocolate cake. Basically, I was spoiled all day with vegan sweets.

I haven’t had time to document all the rad movies watched, books read, or shows caught. There’s been too much goin’ on. We’ve only got about a month left in this great state before moving and it’s becoming quite a crunch to fit everything in. It goes without saying that we wanna see our friends as much as possible. BUT ALSO:
1. Take the Larry Reid tour of Seattle
2. Beat our rival team in pub trivia (we may not get another chance…) and play with the Fanta basement team
3. Pick up as many comics as possible without cutting into money saved for the move
4. Say ‘goodbye’ to Portland pals
5. Hike around Snoqualmie Falls and geek out at the Twin Peaks diner
6. Meet up for another movie night with Kristy, Josh, Ben, and Marc
7. Beat Dave Holmes at table tennis

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