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There could not be a more impressive and wonderful video store than Scarecrow. I read they’ve collected about 120,000 titles but even a fat figure like that seems low when you see their mammoth, wide-ranging selection. I hate to think of this store ever closing so when the owners announced they were struggling, I started going more regularly. First for their 2-for-1 Wednesday rentals, then for pub trivia (and drinks), and lately for some screenings (and drinks). Also, the employees are THE BEST. They’re super friendly and freakishly skilled at finding movies based off of vague descriptions. I will miss Scarecrow terribly when we leave Seattle.

I almost passed out from joy when I first checked out the horror section. Sub-categories include stalkers, zombies, and mad scientists.

VHS box art by lots of neat cartoonists. And a list of messed up horror movies in the Psychotronic room.

Movies are arranged by director and by country. Perfect.

P1100193Me ‘n’ Kristy with Lloyd Kaufman, Toxie, Asta Paredes, and Clay von Carlowitz from Return to Nuke Em High. Squee!

8 thoughts on “Scarecrow Video

  1. Oh my gosh I love Scarecrow but since I left the U District in 2007 and was (until recently) without a car, have been very rarely in recent years, only for those rare movies that can’t be found anywhere else. Do you know if they still are struggling? I would donate money to help them stay!

    • I know what you mean- it’s a little out of the way from my home too. Our friend who works there said Scarecrow had a great holiday season but they’d need to do that well every month in order to keep going. :( I usually just go for the hard-to-find movies too but I watch way too many movies. Can’t recommend their 2-for-1 Wednesdays enough!

  2. LLOYD!!! He is my hero. For my Honeymoon my husband and I traveled interstate to meet him. Such a lovely fellow and he gave us a bunch of stuff to say thank you for going all that way to meet him :)
    That video store is the most rad place I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe there is a section just for sexploitation. Awesome.

    • He’s one of my heroes too- meeting him is like meeting a ray of sunshine. Hooray for cool freebies!
      The Sexploitation room is great. There was this one time I wanted to rent Butterfly (the Pia Zadora movie) but there was a huge dude in the Sexplo room, spread out on the floor, and I was too shy to go in and step around him. I pretended to look around in the other areas for almost an hour ’til he left.

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