Omigod, it’s no wonder Savannah is nicknamed the Hostess City of the South. We were completely charmed. I’ll never get over the spooky spanish moss or beautiful historic buildings- that stuff just takes my breath away. This was the last stop on our road trip and the sweetest spot we could’ve ended with.
004col-2Colonial Park Cemetery, right after some rain.

Right before we left, I spotted some Savannah photos on the Dainty Squid. Talk about great timing ‘cos we probably wouldn’t have found Graveface Records otherwise. Love their rad decor! Besides records, it sells pedals, skulls, totes, trading cards, and toys.

My handsome dude with another bottle of Cheerwine (he goes nuts for this stuff) before we checked out the super cool SCAD store.

We hid out from the thunderstorms at the Deep South Orchid Society’s annual orchid show. Gorgeous. I especially love the mean-lookin’ pitcher plants.

In my rich woman fantasies, I have a house with these fahncy gold windows and ivy covered columns.

10beeOf course, I had to drag Dean with me to Girl Scout First HQ. Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout. Afterwards, we went to the Savannah Bee Company where we sampled several varieties of honey. Mmmmm.

Tiger tofu tacos at Kayak Kafe for lunch. The house hot sauce has some serious flavor.

We drove out to Tybee Island on our one hot, sunny day. The Fish Art Gallery is one of the coolest things we saw on the trip. The yard is filled with trash-to-treasure plate faces, shark teeth, mannequin legs, and a bathtub of sea shells. Dee-lightful.

The dunes were peppered with the bravest, loudest birds. We laughed and laughed at this pair for turning their heads in unison a couple times.

Hanging out in the sunshine until the heat hit my brain and made me feel a little stupid. The best.

5 thoughts on “Savannah

  1. Fantastic photos! I loved the ambiance of Savannah during a brief business trip about 10 years ago, and the SCAD shop! Looks like you have been having a fantastic time in the Southeast!

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