Life Lately

from my phone photos:
pretty fog in our Seattle ‘hood day and night| got Higuchi Yuko Artworks book as my January exercise reward

blobby scones, Blobby Boys | vegan brunch at Portage Bay | vegan brunch at Cafe Flora (our first date of the year, LOVE!)

hair is back to black (sort of) | our shy foster is warming up to us | made a couple custom pet portraits

some shows I’ve caught: The Thermals | La Luz | Secret Chiefs 3

a practice drive to Georgetown | flailing limbs of excitement! | my co-worker was replaced by a dummy (nightmares!)

It’s been a nice year so far. I’ve been a lot more social- the challenge is more or less forcing myself out the door. Dean and I are contemplating some major life changes so I’m trying to fully enjoy life as it is now. Good friends, good job, good city.

Now we’re off to the other side of the country for a road trip through Asheville, Athens, and Savannah. I’m anxious about driving but mostly thrilled for vacation. Hope the snow storm didn’t hurt southeasters too badly.

4 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Pick a comment:

    1. Blue lights must be the new trend in concert lighting.

    2. Would it be wrong of me to get a pet just so I could order a custom pet portrait?

    3. I had the vegan hash at Lost Lake just 45 minutes ago. Tasty!

    • Who knows why but every show I’ve gone to this year has been at Neumos. And I’m about to see Russian Circles there so it’s been a Neumos/blue light sort of year.

      I’ll draw you whatever portrait you’d like!

      That sounds incredible. I’ve been meaning to grab a bite at Lost Lake- thanks!!

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