Hello 2014!

(I got this rainbow pencil from Jen, my Secret Fanta Santa. It makes everything I write super fun!)
1. Go On More Dates: Heheh. Just to clarify, I mean go on more dates with my husband, not a bunch of randos. Dean and I only went on two dates in 2013 which seems kinda lame. Maybe it’s no big deal and we’re simply the sort of couple that prefers staying in but I want to try out-on-the-town dates.
2. Explore Seattle: I’ve lived in Seattle for over six years now and there are still sooo many things I want to see! I’m psyched to do some local sightseeing in and right outside this city.
3. Craft Daily: I miss making things in my spare time so I’m going to try and set aside at least 30 minutes a day to make whatever. It’s more about messing around and re-learning to enjoy hand crafts than it is about making a ton of cool things but there are a few projects I’ll finish for sure!
4. Practice driving: I’m not looking forward to it, but I need to get more comfortable behind the wheel if I ever want to visit parks, estate sales, or cat sanctuaries on my own. The first step is learning to maneuver Downtown Seattle without breaking into a nervous sweat…
5. Read Middlemarch: George Eliot’s Middlemarch has been on my reading list for over a decade and, goddamnit, this will be the year I carve out enough time to read it. I’d also like to read Donna Tartt’s three novels.
6. Master vegan pizza: I’m fine with daiya cheese and mock meats but the time has come for fancier, more innovative vegan pizzas. Dean and I are going to bump up homemade pizza night to once a week so I can try out some crazy pies.
7. DIY Around the House: In a continuing effort to live a (slightly) more sustainable life, I’m going to make and mend more around our home. Kristy has been a huge inspiration as the DIY queen of cleaning supplies.
8. Make Home Movies: I’d love to have some home movies of my life the way it is now.
9. Exercise at least twice a week: This goal is on my list every year and it’s one I never do. BUT I’ve picked out twelve frivolous treats for each month I manage to stick with this twice-a-week thing. Here’s hoping my self-bribe tactics pay off.
10. Be kind: Something I should actively strive for all the time anyway.

Cheers to a Happy New Year! Wishing the best to everyone with goals of their own- feel free to link me if you posted any. :)

15 thoughts on “Hello 2014!

  1. I love that you made a special rainbow pencil card with your goals! Oh my gosh, #3 is especially inspiring me! Good luck with the driving! Hopefully you have an automatic transmission to use on all these hills. (I have scary memories of the first time I lived out here, with a manual transmission, smoking the clutch on Denny Way… aaghh! But at least drivers out here seem relatively polite compared to the East Coast.) I’m impressed with #5, having seen the BBC miniseries multiple times but with no ambition to actually read it. (I loved The Secret History but haven’t read any other Donna Tartt yet.) Yay for frivolous treat bribes!

    • So far, I’ve only managed the vaguest of sketches but it’s fun to have a set ‘creative’ time. By the way, I clicked your art tag and really love your paintings- I hope you post more! Drivers in Seattle do seem friendly- very grateful for that. I love Victorian fiction but I’ve quit Middlemarch a couple times- I think the large cast of characters is what gets me. I had no idea about the miniseries which I’ll have to watch afterwards- thanks for letting me know about that!

  2. That’s quite a list you have there. Good luck fitting in Middlemarch. Elaine, my partner, has read two of Donna Tartt’s books and informs me that they are worth reading

    • Oooo, good to hear about another reader who enjoyed Donna Tartt. Right now I’m reading The Little Friend and really like it! Hope you and Elaine are feeling better and have a nice stack of books to read this year. :)

  3. Impressive list! I hope you succeed in all of your goals. I haven’t read Middlemarch or Donna Tartt’s work, I’ll add them to my list of “someday I’m gonna read this” books. Right now I’m reading Dickens’ “David Copperfield”, finally. It is so good I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to read this book! I love the picture, you two are such a cute couple :)

    • I keep meaning to give Dickens another shot. I hated Great Expectations when it was mandatory reading in middle school but re-read it a couple years ago and found I really liked it as an adult! David Copperfield and Bleak House are definitely on my list.

  4. I have had the longest break from the blog-world, but I REALLY love your hair!! And this little list is quite similar to my own, so I guess we think a little in the same directions:)

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