Taco Club for Two

Dean and I spent Thanksgiving at home in our pajamas- eating veggie tacos, drinking whiskey, and watching old made-for-TV movies. We felt like we were breaking the law (or being crummy friends) by opting for an anti-social holiday at home but sometimes it’s best to flout tradition and just take a breather.

We ended up watching Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, a 1973 television movie about a couple who inherit a haunted Victorian mansion. Immediately, the wife knows some spooky shit is going down but her husband doesn’t believe her because it’s the ’70s and men think women have over-active imaginations (?!)… even when her palms are marked with rope burn and she is roofied by tiny house goblins. Haha. We had a great time watching this together and a great time just hangin’ out, a couple of couch bums. I really am thankful for our silly, simple life.

PS: My co-worker goes out for tacos with his friends every week and calls them the Taco Club Kids… which is adorable and awesome. I love the idea of a taco club!

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