“Where the hell is the damn dam tour?”

Dean and I had our Vegas Vacation all the way back in February but looking through these photos for the first time in a long time gives me the warm fuzzies. Despite not being gamblers (too skint and too boring), this was the perfect long weekend. We loved how over-the-top everything was on the Strip, then how beautiful, open, and alien the surrounding desert was in contrast. I posted photos from the Atomic Testing Museum and the Neon Museum awhile back (two of the raddest museums EVER!). This is everything else- a gazillion photos ‘cos we’re geeky tourists.

Phone snap on our way out of the Cosmopolitan after pricey cocktails. All the sparkly strands gave us light-freckled faces.

Snippets from the Cosmopolitan’s multi-story chandelier.

We stayed at the Flamingo, one of the oldest and sassiest hotel/casinos on the Strip. Pink and gold is my favorite color combo! The windows are actually tinted pink and we had a great view of the Bellagio fountain from our rosy, little room.

True to its name, there were some flamingos outside but they were NOT feelin’ the nippy February weather- poor dears. Haha, I could’ve made a photo album just of pissed off birds but I think this guy on the end sums up that sentiment nicely.

Eli Roth’s Goretorium and our last drink on the Strip. Super bummed to hear this has since closed. :(

Yes, ANOTHER photo from the Neon Museum boneyard because that place is my dream land.
Ugh, there are so many incredible neon signs on Fremont. All the glitter! All the gold! We didn’t get here until our last day but if we visit again, we’ll have to check it out at night to see the lights on.
MORE GOLD. We felt like tacky kings the night we collapsed in the hotel tub with a gold glitter bath bomb. Thank you, Lush, for existing in every city we visit.
Kiss black-light mini golf! My husband looks good in any light, of course.
The whole course is excellent and was virtually empty when we went except for one other couple.
Vegas Venice. At night, there are neon lights on the gondolas and the canal looks like a rave.
New York! Paris!
Sunset over the Strip- even with the traffic, I thought this was real pretty. Can’t resist a nice sunset.
Cosplaying for the buffet and walking up past Treasure Island (and eventually further to Circus Circus, the ‘ruins’ of the recently closed Sahara, and the Bonanza gift shop)
I’m still shocked that Las Vegas has so many vegan options. This is half of what I chowed down at the Wynn Buffet. I’m still dreaming of their mushroom alfredo… must try to re-create…
And, of course, the Bellagio fountain show which we tried to catch in full at least once each day. I thought this was amazing and never got sick of watching. It is impressive as heck.

8 thoughts on ““Where the hell is the damn dam tour?”

  1. It’s nice to see another one of your big, colorful photo posts. I especially like the way you arranged your images in this one; I don’t remember ever seeing anyone do multiple sections of 2 or 3 photos next to each other like that. I’m going to have to steal that formatting trick from you…as soon as I figure it out.

    I’ve never felt the need to visit Las Vegas, but I know I’ll head straight for that sign graveyard if I ever find myself in the city. That place looks amazing.

    • Thanks! I lump the photos together in Photoshop by expanding the canvas and dragging however many photos if like… But there’s probably an easier/quicker way.

  2. These are some really great photos. It looks like you had fun. I love the pic of the Goretorium, and the Kiss mini golf? Hilarious! Gene Simmons will do anything for a buck! If you get back there you really do have to see Freemont Street at night, it’s amazing! Well done :)

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