Fantagraphics on Kickstarter

Just in case you haven’t seen the Fantagraphics Kickstarter but want to help with a season of awesome comic books, here’s the link! There are some very cool funding options to pre-order upcoming titles or snap up all sorts of sweet cartoonist prints/paintings/mix tapes/tattoos. The smaller items I’m helping with (custom chucks) are gone but my favorite premiums are still up for grabs- the warehouse shopping spree and a tour of Seattle with Larry Reid. If you live in Seattle, consider these because, 1. even without my monkey arms, you could make out like a bandit with 5 minutes in the warehouse and 2. Larry is so great! Hands down the best Seattle stories you could ask for.

(PS: I love Fanta and consider myself lucky to work for them. The only reason I don’t explicitly mention it on here more often is ‘cos of trolls in the past. After all, this is a diary not a comics site.)

2 thoughts on “Fantagraphics on Kickstarter

  1. Who cares about Trolls? Get your own back, put out a troll comic.
    Anyway, if you work for them it’s part of your daily routine. And what is a diary if not an account of daily life
    Write about what YOU like, if it’s well written (as always) we’ll read it.

    • Yeah, it’s silly since comments are moderated (now!) but I’m thin-skinned. Usually, I simply leave out the name if I mention something at the office which is unrelated to books (pretty much anything I’d post). If it’s a Fanta related book/event, I treat it as a fan would… which is really just sayin’ I’m a big fan to begin with!

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