Twin Peaks Brunch

Happy Halloween! This year, we celebrated with cherry pie and damn good coffee (and hot!).
a policeman's dream

Kristy as Nadine Hurley, me as the Log Lady. Bwah. Kristy never hesitates to geek out with me. Such a good friend!
nadine and the log lady

Looking for the bathroom? Just look for Killer BOB. The next photo is Kristy’s living room after we transformed it into the Black Lodge- our finest decorating feat. The wall is a thrifted, sliced-up duvet. The floor is plastic tablecloth with about 60 yards of black duct tape. That’s ‘Diane’ (Nate) and Dr Jacoby (Dean), just chillin’ on the sofa.
bathroom bob, 'diane' and dr jacoby

Here’s an ‘action’ shot of Kristy beating the shit out of a pinata with a golf club. I wish I’d gotten a photo of the pinata pre-smash but that thing was destined for destruction hours earlier when Dean accidentally sat on it. Haha! Also, it would’ve been better if I could’ve filled the heart up with drugs and issues of Flesh World but candy was cheaper.
heart necklace pinata

This owl is exactly as it seems- an adorable pillow being held by Mike Baehr! And here’s Jacq as Audrey. She is the perfect Audrey, don’t you think? She even drew on a beauty mark.
mike and owl, audrey jacq

Mike again, or is it his glamorous twin BIKE MAEHR? Mimosas in paper cups because brunch is not complete without mimosas. Owls on the pie top. These owls were not what they seemed in that I slightly over-baked them. Whoops!
bike m, mimosas, owl pie

Jason’s dog, June, scouting around hopefully for scraps. Her different colored eyes melt my heart!
sweet june

This is a party Kristy and I have tentatively planned on throwing since the LAST Twin Peaks brunch at Linda’s Tavern in 2010. There were two Dale Coopers on waitstaff, one of them being the most handsome woman on planet earth. The soundtrack’s sweet notes were playing on the jukebox. The black coffee and cherry pie were to die for. We even ended up with cocktails on the house from a man dressed up as dead Laura (??). My memories have blurred but it was flawless. A brunch for the ages. Unfortunately, we found out about it last minute and had no time to do anything but jog up the hill and grab a table. Jacq was a lot more prepared and showed up as Audrey with more Lady Dale Coopers. Anyway, I’m glad we finally did a little home version, right around Kristy’s birthday and Halloween- the most wonderful time of the year.

And some final notes. The set-up involved a lot of arts ‘n’ crafts which felt very satisfying since it’d been awhile since I’d made stuff. Here’s an early instagrammed photo of the Black Lodge (aka Kristy’s new kill room). I used this pinata tutorial on Oh Happy Day to make the ‘best friends’ gold heart… which you can barely see but will have to trust me came out pretty cool. My log is made out of felt with a hand-stitched ‘texture’. The black ‘n’ white firs (not pictured) and saddle shoes (above) were images I had blown up at Kinko’s as engineer prints. This cherry pie recipe (coconut oil crust, how I love you!). This recipe for the mini donuts, tweaked later to make another flavor (the vanilla sprinkle and chocolate are mine, the others are from the unbeatable Mighty O).

Phew! Super nerdy but super fun. Hope everyone else has a great Halloween!

20 thoughts on “Twin Peaks Brunch

  1. Did you go to Cafe Nordo’s Twin Peaks-themed dinner theater event last year? It wasn’t my scene (as I haven’t seen even a single episode of the show), but it looks like something you and your friends might’ve enjoyed.

    • I think this is a thing a couple of our friends went to but if it’s the same event I’m thinking of tickets were a little too steep for me. Also, I’m not sure dinner theater is for me UNLESS it’s Twin Peaks themed. I had to be out of town when Kyle MacLachlan screened the pilot at SIFF this year, mere blocks from my home- eternal sadness!

      • Not only was it expensive, the dinner portion of the night was disappointing and the theater part was largely incomprehensible. I’m sure your brunch was much better (and cheaper).

      • Man, I hope that experience doesn’t sour you from maybe watching the show one day. The first season is practically perfect. (As for kitsch-fan stuff, brunch with friends really can’t be beat. Top notch food too, if I do say so myself.)

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