Camping in the Southern Cascades

I have mixed feelings about camping. I’m from a very outdoorsy family and feel like I got my fill as a kid. Now I’m a grown-up now and know that camping can be chill but I’m just not a natural. HOWEVER. Camping is kind of a big deal in the Pacific NorthWest so when Ian invited us on a group trip, I knew it was best to just go. It was totally fun and worth it. These photos are from way back in May, Memorial Day weekend. Dean was able to take all three days off from work which was GREAT ‘cos we don’t get to spend many weekends together. We saw a chunk of Washington state we’d never seen before (Yakima down thru Goldendale where our campsite was) and we met some really cool people.

Pretty plants. Our camp friends picked a bouquet of fresh wild flowers for the breakfast table each morning.

Our hike up to a flower meadow. It was gorgeous BUT the ground was teeming with wasps! Haha!

Well, well, well. If it isn’t Mister Lizard.

Temani Pesh-wa trail: ancient images by the First People, originally located in the Columbia River Gorge. The little plaque told us there were thousands of others but only a sample were preserved.

Lots of these photos are from an evening trip we took to Horsethief Lake where the landscape is completely different from anything you’d see in Western Washington.

Bwah! Fluffy goslings and a proud, angry mama. (She was not into me taking a picture.)

The train, right before a mellow sunset.

More gold, rocky scenery and a loud, giant bird of prey.

Sonya was nice enough to take this photo of all us. It was a rainy weekend and we spent a lot of time trying to dry out damp firewood before we said, fuck it, and stole the smoldering logs from a freshly abandoned campsite. Kristy is obscured from view but she’s right next to me- heh. Also, yes- Dean and I have matching Under Armour hoodies. My mom, always a practical lady, gave us long underwear and UA hoodies last Christmas. Thanks, Mom!

Midnight moths and a few rounds of Cards Against Humanities. I have to admit, in spite of my opening claim that I don’t like sleeping in the woods, this weekend was very restful. I slept like a baby for 6-8 hours per night without interruption. An unexpected treat, for sure.

PS: We really miss our friend, Ian. He and his girlfriend Annelie moved to Austin, TX in August. Glad we got to spend a little extra time with them on this trip!

8 thoughts on “Camping in the Southern Cascades

  1. Hi, I love your pics, beautiful! This blog brings back memories. I live near Portland and we went camping every summer and I miss it so much!

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