Twin Peaks Brunch

Happy Halloween! This year, we celebrated with cherry pie and damn good coffee (and hot!). Kristy as Nadine Hurley, me as the Log Lady. Bwah. Kristy never hesitates to geek out with me. Such a good friend! Looking for the bathroom? Just look for Killer BOB. The next photo is Kristy’s living room after we […]


Here are the pumpkins James and I carved this year. As you can see, he carved his for real- creating a pretty amazing Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth. I was short on time so I cheated and cut out a silhouette from black poster board. It’s supposed to be the devil from Fantasia’s Night on […]

Camping in the Southern Cascades

I have mixed feelings about camping. On the one hand, I’m constantly in awe of planet Earth and strongly value its conservation but on the other hand, the outdoors are full of creepy crawlies and I have zero passion for sleeping in the woods. Camping is kind of a big deal in the Pacific NorthWest […]

Pumpkin Picking Day!

Yesterday, a bunch of us headed up to the Bailey U-Pick farm in Snohomish. We picked pumpkins the size of small boulders, wandered through a corn maze shaped liked the United States, and warmed up with the most comforting cup of hot cider I’ve ever had. It’s hard to imagine a more autumn-y afternoon. I’m […]

Book Log, 1

I rarely strike up conversation with strangers (shyness) but sometimes I HAVE to compliment bus riders on their reading choices. Kawaii gal with Lost Girls wide open like it ain’t no thang; handsome guy just cracking into Norwegian Wood– his first Murakami novel which was also my first; hip yoga woman with the latest Zadie […]