Rainy Day at the Burke

This past Saturday was Museum Day so we took advantage of free admission and visited the Burke Museum. It was an ugly, stormy day but the momentary discomfort of rain-soaked shoes was worth it. The Burke is AWESOME. Right now, they have an excellent exhibit on female artists in Africa, Asia, and the Americas who are selling their work to better women’s lives. On the lower level, they have a long–term collection with pieces from Pacific Rim cultures. …But I got home and the only pictures I took are from the section on Washington history. You know: bones, fossils, volcanic ash. Yeesh, I didn’t mean to gloss over the cultural exhibits- they are also excellent!

Tail chasin’ dino:

Skulls, wings, and eggs:

1. I love the bird wall; James does not. 2. Kristy tells the otter a secret (this made a lady roll her eyes at us).

Lastly, the mighty Sea-Tac Sloth:

I will definitely be visiting again.

Unrelated Note: I meant to write about some of the good times this summer but summer has come and gone and I didn’t write jack. There were some really good times here and there! Anyway, it’s fall now and I’m going to start nerdily posting summer photos. Kinda like looking at a vacation photo album when you’ve been home for awhile.
Also: I made a new blog header! I drew out a font based on this font, scanned in some watercolors. I’m more pleased with myself than I should be…

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