This past Wednesday, my boss Kim died. He was a boss like no other and an incredible person besides. Here’s a photo of him with Lynn at an exhibit on horror films (sorry for the poor quality but what a good night that was):

Kim’s departure is very sad. I don’t want to say anything emotional or selfish so here are some links:
a nice TCJ tribute
a moving tribute by Jason, one of my favorite cartoonists
Thoughts on Dilbert
“The Infinite Kim Thompson”
•Kim’s dreams:Borgnine Gravy and Cheese/Tarantino. I swear there was one about meatloaf but maybe that was only shared in email.
An excerpt from the Tardi interview
•Movie nights:Irreversible, Antichrist, Suspiria & Black Sunday. Game of Thrones premiere night. And thanks for lending me the Pusher trilogy and Adele Blanc-Sec. I still have Detective Dee on my to-watch list.

edit: Hope I don’t get too morbid coming back and linking more things but these tributes on TCJ are really lovely. Sad, but sweet and funny too.

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