365, week 14 plus (last batch)

It shames me to say I’m quitting my 365 photo project. Quitting makes me feel like a real butt but I need some quiet, project-free time to deal with this unshakable state of blah I’m in. Life is still chugging along ok, I’m just slow at processing loss. I am also taking a breather from this blog but don’t worry! I’m still scrolling through my reader and checking out what you guys are posting. Back in a flash.

Here are my last few ‘daily’ photos.

April 1: two photos of flowers by the office

April 2: date night. Ever since I quit meat we’ve called this ‘hot dogs and not dogs’

April 3: the ever-changing Tubs building

April 4: d’oh!

April 5: Nate got me a copy of Crackpot while he was living in Baltimore. It’s signed by John Waters and is a newer edition with essays I hadn’t read before. Soooo good.

April 6: a page by Jen at Chocolati. This was a full and happy afternoon. I caught a matinee of GI Joe: Retaliation with Nate and Dave (not gonna lie, I totally loved it), grabbed lunch at Paseo with the fellas plus Kristy and James, spent a couple hours drawing at Chocolati.

April 7: poor Morpheus looks on with envy at our vegetarian taco fixings.

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