365, week 13

Last week was difficult… I guess this whole year has gotten off to a rough start. Things can only start looking up though, right? Good things on the horizon: longer days, Dean’s birthday (he’s turning 30!), seeing Ghostface Killah, seeing PRINCE, seeing some friends in Portland. Lots to look forward to in April and this week is already a little easier than last.

March 23: dragon fruit from the International District- quite a bargain.

March 24: crumbly chocolate beet cake. I consider it a minor failure in that it fell apart, but it still tasted good enough.

March 25: a yard full of dinosaur figurines (and woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers) by the office.

March 26: the day my grandmother passed away. I didn’t get out of bed until 3pm and the weather was strangely beautiful.

March 27: my co-workers made me a sympathy card. Very sweet. Painting by Jen.

March 28: new kitty friend.

March 29: after two months in Baltimore, Nate is finally back home in Seattle. :)

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