365, week 14 plus (last batch)

It shames me to say I’m quitting my 365 photo project. Quitting makes me feel like a real butt but I need some quiet, project-free time to deal with this unshakable state of blah I’m in. Life is still chugging along ok, I’m just slow at processing loss. I am also taking a breather from […]

Happy Birthday, You Handsome Devil

Dean turned 30 today. We celebrated by sleeping in until almost noon and watching Safety Not Guaranteed on the sofa, in our jammies. Nate and Kristy came over for cake in the evening and the fellas (Nate, James, and Dean) are playing video games now as I type this. Supah chill. I whipped up a […]

365, week 13

Last week was difficult… I guess this whole year has gotten off to a rough start. Things can only start looking up though, right? Good things on the horizon: longer days, Dean’s birthday (he’s turning 30!), seeing Ghostface Killah, seeing PRINCE, seeing some friends in Portland. Lots to look forward to in April and this […]