End of a Century

My Grandma Griffin passed away at the beginning of the week. We knew this was coming but, of course, I still wasn’t ready and I’m crushed. She taught me how to quilt, how to garden, and the fundamentals of socialism. She always tried to engage me in political debate even though I usually agreed with her to begin with. I’m gonna miss hearing the big stories about her childhood, her overseas adventures during WWII, and her travels with Grandpa- but I’m lucky to have most of those stories written down. It’s a shame there’s no way to properly document some details like her collection of bird figurines, Charlie the squirrel, or the countless crossword puzzles she solved like a boss. I’m grateful Dean and I saw her this summer at our wedding and I’m sad I only wrote her once since the new year (seriously pissed with myself). Anyway, she was really wonderful and the last of my grandparents. I wish I could’ve teleported to New York when the family found out so I could give my mom a hug.

Since her death, I’ve been doing a lot of self-examination. I’ve been shiftless and uninspired since we lost our cat this last summer; now I feel completely wiped out. Over a week ago, Dean and I quietly celebrated my 28th birthday (also the first day of Spring). That day seemed hopeful and with everything that’s happened since, it seems like a natural point to re-assess our goals and find some way to carry on. Definitely time for some changes.

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